Teacher Tech is a recruiting and teacher training company that is currently focused on finding capable and competent people interested in working in South Korea. We are especially searching for those who have qualities or qualifications which would make them suitable teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

Madeline Moon
Madeline Moon has worked as a children's English instructor and holds a TESOL certificate. She has worked with international corporations, and has a strong sense of the special challenges facing those relocating to Korea. She has been working as a recruiter since 2001.

Tom Pierce
Tom Pierce has more than ten years experience in the field of TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages), and five years of experience living and working in Korea. He holds an MA in TESOL and is currently working as a community college instructor of ESL and developmental English.

Our Partner Schools
Many of our partner schools are located in Seoul- the capital of South Korea and a large metropolitan area ( population 12,000,000). However, for those who may not want to live in such a large city we can also arrange placement in smaller cities and, in some cases, rural areas.

Korea is currently experiencing a boom in the area of EFL for young learners. Because of this there is a demand among our partner schools for teachers who are able to work with children. It is not necessary that one have experience (though that is a definite advantage), but it is important that one be willing to work with children.

The schools themselves are private language schools whose primary function is to teach English to Korean children and, in some cases, adults. Though the schools are Korean owned and operated the teachers come from many different countries. At least half of the teachers will be from Korea, and the rest will probably be from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, or South Africa.

Our partner schools offer an attractive compensation package, which includes free housing, medical insurance, a good salary, and roundtrip air-fare. Most schools also provide teacher training workshops, and Teacher Tech will provide a training manual of useful techniques of ESL.

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